About us

About us

Dr. Course is a leading Arab and international platform in providing E-training training services in healthcare, under which trainers, experts, and various scientific organizations of all nationalities and specialties have been brought together.

Vision: Enriching e-education in the field of health.

Message: Allowing specialists and experienced people to enrich the health field by providing scientific materials specialized in professional preparation and technical output befitting the position and experience of course providers in the platform.

The ATA includes the following Administrations:

  • Learning Institute
  • Postgraduate and Scholarship Administration
  • Family Medicine Academy
  • Continuous Professional Development Administration
  • Health Training Administration
  • Center for Research, Education and Simulation Enhanced Training (CRESENT)

To contact the Office of Administrative Support of Executive of Academic and Training Affairs:
Ext: 1234
E-mail: aa@test.com
Location: Location/Address

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